SiteTree Models

SiteTree comes with Tree and Tree item built-in models to store sitetree data.

Models customization

Now let’s pretend you are not satisfied with SiteTree built-in models and want to customize them.

1. First thing you should do is to define your own tree and tree item models inherited from TreeBase and TreeItemBase classes respectively:

# Suppose you have `myapp` application.
# In its `` you define your customized models.
from sitetree.models import TreeItemBase, TreeBase

class MyTree(TreeBase):
    """This is your custom tree model.
    And here you add `my_tree_field` to all fields existing in `TreeBase`.

    my_tree_field = models.CharField('My tree field', max_length=50, null=True, blank=True)

class MyTreeItem(TreeItemBase):
    """And that's a tree item model with additional `css_class` field."""
    css_class = models.CharField('Tree item CSS class', max_length=50)

2. Now when in your myapp application has the definitions of custom sitetree models, you need to instruct Django to use them for your project instead of built-in ones:

# Somewhere in your do the following.
# Here `myapp` is the name of your application, `MyTree` and `MyTreeItem`
# are the names of your customized models.

  1. Run syncdb to install your customized models into DB.


As you’ve added new fields to your models, you’ll probably need to tune their Django Admin representation. See Overriding SiteTree Admin representation for more information.

Sitetree definition with custom models

Given the example model given above, you can now use the extra fields when defining a sitetree programmatically:

from sitetree.utils import tree, item

# Be sure you defined `sitetrees` in your module.
sitetrees = (
  # Define a tree with `tree` function.
  tree('books', items=[
      # Then define items and their children with `item` function.
      item('Books', 'books-listing', children=[
          item('Book named "{{ book.title }}"',
          item('Add a book',
          item('Edit "{{ book.title }}"',
  ], title='My books tree'),
  # ... You can define more than one tree for your app.

Models referencing

You can reference sitetree models (including customized) from other models, with the help of MODEL_TREE, MODEL_TREE_ITEM settings:

from sitetree.settings import MODEL_TREE, MODEL_TREE_ITEM

# As taken from the above given examples
# MODEL_TREE will contain `myapp.MyTree`, MODEL_TREE_ITEM - `myapp.MyTreeItem`

If you need to get current tree or tree item classes use get_tree_model and get_tree_item_model functions:

from sitetree.utils import get_tree_model, get_tree_item_model

current_tree_class = get_tree_model()  # MyTree from myapp.models (from the example above)
current_tree_item_class = get_tree_item_model()  # MyTreeItem from myapp.models (from the example above)