Notes on build-in templates

Default templates shipped with SiteTree created to have as little markup as possible in a try to fit most common website need.

Styling built-in templates

Use CSS to style default templates for your needs. Templates are deliberately made simple, and only consist of ul, li and a tags.

Nevertheless pay attention that menu template also uses two CSS classes marking tree items:

  • current_item — marks item in the tree, corresponding to current page;
  • current_branch — marks all ancestors of current item, and current item itself.

Overriding built-in templates

To customize visual representation of navigation elements you should override the built-in SiteTree templates as follows:

  1. Switch to sitetree folder
  2. Switch further to ‘templates/sitetree’
  3. There you’ll find the following templates:
  • breadcrumbs.html
  • menu.html
  • tree.html
  1. Copy whichever of them you need into your project templates directory and feel free to customize it.
  2. See Advanced SiteTree tags section for clarification on two advanced SiteTree template tags.

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