Advanced SiteTree tags

SiteTree introduces two advanced template tags which you have to deal with in case you override the built-in sitetree templates.


Implements down the tree traversal with rendering.

Usage example:

{% sitetree_children of someitem for menu template "sitetree/mychildren.html" %}

Used to render child items of specific sitetree item ‘someitem’ for ‘menu’ navigation type, using template “sitetree/mychildren.html”.

Allowed navigation types: 1) menu; 2) sitetree.

Basically template argument should contain path to current template itself.


Resolves site tree item’s url or url pattern.

Usage example:

{% sitetree_url for someitem params %}

This tag is much the same as Django built-in ‘url’ tag. The difference is that after ‘for’ it should get site tree item object.

And, yes, you can pass some params after that object.

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